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As much as we wish, it is just impossible to look young forever. The natural and inevitable process of skin-aging starts at the early age of 20. Natural skin moisturizing, density, toned healthy look slowly starts to lower their actions. The oxidation of the skin also begins to break.

Some external factors, such as sun radiation, dirty atmosphere, stress, can also cause early aging of your skin, especially in Marbella!

Although we can’t stop the aging process, we can provide some additional care for our skin and make it look younger even longer!

Skin Care Routine

Number one rule to keep your skin look younger and fresh is taking care of it the right way. But before you start building up your routine, make sure you don’t have any skin allergies or diseases. If you have some doubts, it is better to check up with your dermatologist in Marbella. Don’t play any games with your skin!

Your morning and evening skincare routine must include cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

But having a skin regime is not enough. You will have to follow it up very strictly if you want to have an effect. Consistency is the cornerstone of success!


Keeping yourself hydrated will improve your overall health! After all, water makes up around 65% of the human body.

Good advice is to drink water every hour or two to keep your body well hydrated. The benefits you’ll get from doing so are:

  • The skin looks less dull and more healthy;
  • The skin becomes less oily;
  • The skin is less itchy and irritated;
  • Rest & Sleep

Sleeping is not a waste of time, but one of the ways to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. It is also a great cosmetic procedure! While you sleep your cleansed and moisturized skin recovers to please you with fresh complexion in the morning.

We become younger when we sleep. And a good and healthy sleep means also a good mood! Having a peaceful and sufficient sleep is the main condition of natural rejuvenation process. Sleeping also produces collagen. And as we know, collagen is the most important and richest protein in the human body. It is produced at night more actively than throughout the day.

Clean Makeup Tools

You should be cleaning your makeup tools more often than you think. Maybe you don’t even know what could be growing in those brushes.

Buildup of dirt and oils on your makeup brushes can cause you acne and unwanted breakouts, so you should clean them up at least once a week!

Additional Cosmetic Procedures – Botox

Botox injections are popular for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is safe to use in long term and you can stop at any time. Your skin won’t look worse than before you started.

Botox can soften your wrinkles and help your face look less harsh. Injections with Botox prevents dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles caused by muscle movements.

Few things to keep in mind when you go for a Botox Treatment:

  • Don’t touch the injected skin areas;
  • Avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol;
  • Avoid getting facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc. for at least 24 hours;

So, even if it is impossible to look young forever, following those tips can exceed your youthful look.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to feel beautiful. The happier you are, the more beautiful you will become.

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty” said Coco Chanel.

So my advice is to invest in your skin in any way you need. You shall not regret it!


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