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Our success in dentistry has not happened by chance, it is due to a combination of knowledge, skills, professional development and more than 24 years of experience combined with the use of cutting-edge technology and carefully selected materials.

My application of dentistry is aimed at offering conservative but advanced treatments created with the best technology. My philosophy in practice is to provide specialised dentistry free of pain and stress, without interfering in the stability, quality and long term duration of treatments.

Each treatment plan is designed according to the specific needs and objectives of each patient. My goal is to “re-design” smiles to provide my patients with a combination of perfect function with a pleasant aesthetic, guaranteeing their personal satisfaction.

A personalised consultation is essential for the creation of your smile.

At Mi Clinik Dental & Aesthetics we believe that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Each person has their own criteria and beauty standards.

With the help of technological advances and new dental materials, we offer our patients many options for the creation of beautiful smiles; harmonic, energetic and radiating enthusiasm.

Dr. Alejandro  Vargas Zarta

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