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Dental implants

Recover your smile, and the function of your mouth, return to feel your teeth fixed, enjoy food again if possible. With innovative techniques we can replace your lost teeth.

Before performing this treatment, a panoramic radiograph and a tomography (3D) are required, so we will verify the bone and dental status of your mouth.

  • Dental extractions, implant and tooth placement.
  • The shape of your face, the support of your lips, the phonation can be recovered.
  • The incapacity generated by this type of treatment when it is performed at Mi Clinik Dental & Esthetics, is only one day, since our refined and strict technique generates little or no inflammation.
  • In a single appointment it is possible to place a single implant or multiple implants if the case requires it.
Don't be afraid to smile anymore
Become more confident in your personal & business life
recover your smile in just 1 day!

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