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Functional nutrition studies the individual capacity that each organism has to use the nutrients of each food through rigorous scientific research.

There is no diet or pattern that works in the same way for all people, to evaluate to know the individuality of each one we must verify the nutritional imbalances due to lack or excess of nutrients and bioactive compounds of their food intake.

In the Clinical Functional Nutrition consultation, all metabolic interactions involving neuroendocrine interactions, gastrointestinal flora balance, immune system, anthropometric evaluation of body composition, nutritional diagnosis, personal clinical and nutritional anamnesis are analyzed.

The nutritional treatment consists in the elaboration of a functional Nutritional plan adapted to your organism, the result of which will be the prevention of chronic diseases, as well as an improvement of health and the transformation of the alimentary habits for a healthier and longer life.

Functional Nutrition Consultation

If you have any analysis that is no more than 3 months old you can also provide it to expand the information.


In our first session we review the information provided in the questionnaires, I explain the possible causes that are contributing to your health problems, we discuss issues about your symptoms, previous treatments and diagnoses, and I explain the nutritional and lifestyle plan prepared for your particular case


At the end of the consultation you will receive:

  • Anthropometric evaluation report and segmental bioimpedance.
  • A comprehensive report based on the information provided in the questionnaires explaining the possible metabolic disorders, nutritional deficiencies.
  • Personalized feeding plan, guidelines on life habits with a 2-week menu according to your needs.
  • Specific recommendation of nutritional supplements that you can buy at your convenience if necessary.
  • Suggestions and comments on the possibility of performing certain functional medicine tests to complete the information and personalize certain therapeutic interventions.

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