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At Mi Clinik Dental & Aesthetics, we will help you maintain your oral health by offering deep cleanings, clinical and radiographic review of your teeth.

  • We believe that oral health has a lot to do with integral health
  • Oral hygiene care with a qualified hygienist is important to prevent diseases and dental caries
  • Regular checks will help maintain the health of your teeth and gums
  • Preserve your smile and avoid future treatments
  • We make interconsultations with specialist doctors such as ENT and internists to integrate your oral health care with the rest of your health

Dental hygienists are professional highly-trained dental practitioners who focus on preventive oral health, focusing on techniques that ensure oral tissues and teeth are maintained and remain healthy in order to prevent dental disease, especially common chronic diseases such as dental caries, gingivitis and active periodontitis.

Visiting our dental hygienist regularly (every 6 months is recommended) will keep your teeth healthier for longer and ensure if there is a problem, it gets noticed sooner. Ultimately, a dental hygienist will save you money on more expensive invasive treatments by preventing tooth decay.

Keep your teeth healthier for longer
Catch diseases early to prevent more invasive treatments
Keep teeth white and beautiful

Plaque removal

Stain removal

Whiter Teeth

Gum repairs

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